History of Soccer

Centuries of Soccer

Soccer is commonly known all around the world, probably the most popular sport in the world. Soccer originated in China, evidence of the game being played in the second century, which means Chinese had some kind of participation in creating the game. We believe that Chinese soldiers used soccer as a training exercise in their free time. Although their version was not as advanced, being played with balls filled with feathers and human heads (dead), and a net tied between two sticks for the goal. It is still a major role in creating modern-day soccer.

Soccer has been played by thousands of cultures for many different reasons. Most cultures play football for fun although some play for other reasons like trickery, the Greeks used it as a game of trickery, like the ancient days crossword puzzle.

Soccer has changed a lot from when the laws were first drawn up in London in 1863. Originally offside was when you were in front of the ball, just like rugby, when nowadays offside is if you are in behind the last defender when the ball is passed to you. Before 1869 goal kicks, corners, and penalties did not exist. Goal kicks were introduced in 1862. This is when the ball goes out of bounds on the goal line off of the opposing team the other team would get to start play from the top of the goalie box. Corners were introduced in 1872. This is when the ball went out of bounds on the goal line the opposing team would get to start play from the corner. Penalties were introduced in 1891.

Soccer leagues started in Great Britain and spread to the rest of the world. It started spreading in the mid nineteenth century mainly because of FIFA’s World Cup, but also because of multinationalism (Where British workers went to other countries for trade, jobs, etc. they would bring football with them).

Basketball was invented in 1891, football (American) in 1879, and baseball in 1839 then if longevity is a sign of a great sport and soccer has been around for 2,000 years then soccer would be a really great sport.



Why this is the Best Premier League Yet

This year is arguably the best Premier league yet. There are 7 teams, Arsenal, Manchester City,  Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, and Manchester United. These 7 teams are so close on points, it is unbelievable. One day Everton may win and Tottenham Hotspur may lose that could bump Everton up from 6th place to 3rd place.

Manchester crisis?

Photos From: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11667/9136440/juan-mata-welcomes-pressure-of-being-manchester-uniteds-record-signing

After recent losses to Spurs, Chelsea, Swansea, and Sunderland. It is beginning to show very clearly (if it was not already clear) that this is not Manchester United’s year.

That being said, the Manchester giants are yet to give up. With their recent signing Juan Mata from Chelsea David Moyes hopes that Spain international can bring more movement to his side.

Manchester United has also been chasing FC Bayern’s Mario Mandzukic to turn there uncomfortable goal difference (9) to something like Manchester City’s goal difference (38).

Why Sporting Kansas City will beat Real Salt lake to Mls cup

All you need to know about the MLS cup final:
1. Home Field advantage
If you thought Sporting Kansas City’s amazing fan atmosphere was amazing imagine the MLS cup in Kansas City, that’s exactly what’s happening today.

2.Longer resting/preparing period
On 11/23 Sporting Kansas City beat Houston Dynamo 2-1 confirming a place in the MLS cup final. The next day Real Salt Lake did the same beating the Portland Timbers 1-0. Although they may have only had one extra day of resting when preparing for an MLS cup final every minute counts.

Did you know?
For the past 2 years LA Galaxy have won the MLS cup. However this year they only made it to the quarter finals.

Who will win Guinness Cup